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ODA Administrators lead their organizations to effectively find compliance, manage projects, and strive to make the world of aviation safer.  We learn better methods, gain experience engaging with experts, and grow along side our FAA counterparts.  Through sharing our ideas, best business practices, and concerns, we can collectively work toward making the ODA program stronger and more resilient to outside influences.  The purpose of this forum is to provide the "space"  to help each other build alliances, improve the work we do on behalf of the FAA, and communicate as peers to influence joint change. 

Though the group's goals have not been formalized, initial areas for improvement identifed include:

   -  Help the FAA focus on oversight and auditing functions.

   -  As a group, call for continued FAA efforts for putting all Part 21 ARC recommendations in place.

   -  Build community sharing (new rulemaking, draft issue papers, unit member performance, etc.)

The first forum meeting was held April 10-11th, 2019, in San Antonio, Texas.    With over 25 participants meeting in-person and on-line, ODAs with differing capabilities (OEMs, airlines, and modifiers) shared their perspectives and topics ranging from auditing lessons learned, implementing remote inspection processes, and how to work with a dynamic FAA workforce.  Click on "Meeting Outcomes" for more specific information regarding each topic.

Bi-annual meetings will be held to gather participants, in-person or on-line, for relevant discussions about concerns and experience sharing.  The next meeting will be hosted by GDC Technics in Ft. Worth, Texas, on October 10, 2019.  The agenda will be provided to all ODA administrators prior to the meeting.  In addition, monthly calls will be held to focus on one topic.  Click on "Schedule of Events" to see the full calendar. 

A SharePoint site has been created to house information those within the forum have shared rather than posting on a website open to everyone. The URL for the site is:

If you would like access to this site, please contact Melissa Sandow at     


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