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Has there ever been a time when your organization chooses to not be efficient, effective, or customer oriented because of someone's interpretation or directive?  Leaders recognize when this is occuring and develop new approaches to streamline and gain efficiencies.  Mel'sPlace Consulting associates can help support you as a leader through:

  • Developing systems approach for organization
  • Coaching services
  • Collectively creating innovative solutions
  • Generating a broad range of new methods. 

We offer a community of support so that leaders can affect change. 

When improvement is needed, understanding the underlying process and it's interaction points is a necessary step.  Too often people want to blame someone, or something, for what is usually a process problem.  If you recognize that improvement is needed, but don't know how to move forward, Mel'sPlace Consulting associates can help you:

  • Analyze your processes
  • Determine options for improvement
  • Develop an implementation playbook to help get started.
  • Support you through the full implementation when making a change.

The old adage "what gets measured get done" has withstood time because of the truth it describes.  Do you know how well your organization is performing?  Are you measuring the right outcomes to understand your performance?  Mel'sPlace Consulting can work with you to determine:

  • How effective your performance management system is
  • Where you could make your metrics work better for you. 
  • Develop a blue-print to identify key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • When your organization provides value (ROI). 

If you can't measure the value you bring, it's time to consider what can be put in place to help you drive improvement.

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