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Affecting Change from the Outside -

Kim Wolfley   Gilbert, Arizona

DAR, Quality Assurance System compliance, and loads of foreign civil airworthiness authority experience.

Jon Shoemake   Dana Point, California

Electrical systems and equipment.

Keith Pharris  Longmont, Colorado

Electrical systems and equipment with mechanical systems background.

Paul Lemmons   Richardson, Texas

Mechanical equipment integration and cabin interiors.

Chris Gelwicks  Williamsport, Maryland

Electrical systems design and installation.

Matt Thompson   McKinney, Texas

System safety analysis (SSA) and risk assessments.

David Downey  Denton, Texas

Navy flight test pilot background.  Part 23, 25, 27 & 29 compliance.

Structural Experts

Joe Musco        Castle Pines, Colorado

Static analysis, structural design, and major repair/alterations.

Lonnie Davidson  Woodland Park, Colorado

Fatigue and damage tolerance.

Dr. Frank Heming Colorado Springs, Colorado

Aircraft seating systems (including dynamic seat witnessing) and interior arrangements (Part 23/25/27/29)


Powerplant Experts

Wiede Cutshall     San Antonio, Texas

Finite element modeling, structural analysis, and design review.

Nilesh Borade    Seattle, Washington

Interior design and stress analysis.

Adnan Mazhar   Naperville, Illinois

Electrical systems and software.

Wally Johnson  Wichita, Kansas

Loads and dynamic analysis


Bradley Hakey  Los Angeles, California

New avionics and electrical systems.

Electrical System Experts

Flight Test Analyst Experts

Mechanical Equipment Experts

Dr. Dennis Olcott   Parker, Colorado

Composite materials, structural analysis and full-scale validation testing, ground vibration testing, and overall program management.

Dr. Melissa Sandow    Ashland, Oregon

Interior compliance.

Dan Nelson      Seattle, Washington

Structural analysis, structural repair, aircraft maintenance, and vintage aircraft.

Teresa Marian      Reno, Nevado

Advanced composite structures and process specifications.

Inspection Experts

Flight Test Pilot Experts

Acoustics Experts

Bob Lazaroff      Parker, Colorado

Flammability, seats, and interior compliance.

Paul Remington Seattle, Washington

Navy flight test pilot background.  Part 23 & 25 compliance.

Russell Burke   Edmond, Oklahoma

All areas of production approval.  FAA Part 21 and EASA CS-21.

Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) Experts

Michael Sullivan     Phoenix, Arizona

Avionics/EWIS ICA expertise

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Paul Remington Seattle, Washington

Navy flight test pilot background.  Part 23 & 25 compliance.

Rolf Hamerquist       Woodland Park, Colorado

Damage tolerance, fatigue, and bird strike.

Mike Waldrop  Greenville, Texas

System safety analysis (SSA), flammability, oxygen, water, and environmental controls.

David Kern, Atlanta, Georgia

Air Force  flight test pilot background.  Part 23 & 25 compliance.

Joe Wilding    Parker, Colorado

Loads development.

Phil Baker     Englewood, Colorado

DAR, manufacturing, operations, and maintenance.

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