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Affecting Change from the Outside -

Carrie Beach - Having served as an FAA international representative to EASA,Carrieā€™s understanding of global aviation demands provides a rich source of knowledge for companies trying to gain market share. Her background as an FAA program manager, directorate officer, and safety engineer have rounded out her ability to see an issue from all sides, offering great perspective whendeveloping solutions for your company.

Michael Sullivan- After retiring from a long time FAA career as an avionics inspector with both Flight Standards and the Seattle Aircraft Evaluation Group (AEG), Mike realized he has the background and experience to help organizations with instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA).  As this authority is so new as a delegated function to ODAs, Mike's knowledge can help you prepare to take on ICA responsibilities.



Dr. Melissa Sandow has worked in the aviation industry for nearly 25 years, beginning as a design engineer and later transitioning into a compliance expert after spending 16 years with the FAA.  She managed type certification programs through final FAA approval (Adam A500 and Liberty XL-2), as well as led implementation efforts for new FAA programs like organization designation authorization (ODA) when first rolled out.  Melissa's drive for creativity and constant improvement made her a go-to person for:

  • Leading process improvement efforts
  • Developing automation tools
  • Helping organizations increase efficiencies

Throughout her career she has grown her expertise in organizational leadership, management strategies, performance improvement methods, and finding ways to plan for change. When companies are looking to decrease costs, eliminate redundant efforts, mesh safety and business practices, or take control over their operating environment--working together is the way to create solutions.  By eliminating poor practices, we can find more time to lead and accomplish what's most important.


As experts in industry, both with technical and compliance backgrounds, we are ready to join forces to help improve the way you manage your safety business.  Collaborating with you, we can identify improvement opportunities, develop solutions that reduce redundant efforts, and help develop more productive ways to accomplish safe, effective outcomes.  As professional leaders, we have the knowledge, experience and drive to work toward better processes and efficiencies.



In heavily regulated industries, it becomes easy to stop creating and looking for areas to make improvements because an authority is defining the requirements.  Leadership, however, is about:

  • Understanding the requirements, both regulatory and business, and developing processes that serve both needs.

  • Looking Beyond what you're told to do and discovering the right thing to do.

  • finding the best way to utilize the talents and expertise available, rather than compromising on tasks by pulling someone from thier core focus area.

  • knowing when collaborations serves an organization's needs..

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